The Competition Committee sets a Competition Leader, who will assign the needed persons for each competition (referees, starters etc). The competition calendar and the contact information are in the club office.

  • Erkki Lehtola, chairman
  • Juha Ahonen
  • Jukka Lehtola
  • Olavi Toivakka
  • Heikki Rantamäki
  • Jarkko Uusitalo
  • Mervi Luoma
  • Antti Uusi-Kyyny
  • Thomas Storås, captain
  • Terttu Kohtanen, lady captain
  • Mats Backlund, president

The Competition Committee informs

Competition guidelines 2022


  • the rules of the Finnish Golf Union are applied in all competitions
  • a competition is taking place as long as there are 10 players signed up for it, and a series is separately played as long as 7 players have signed up for it
  • the scorecards are returned (signed) to the office/to the scorecard postbox in the club
  • every player is responsible for checking that his handicap is correct before signing the scorecard

Signing up for competitions

  • competitions played on Saturdays needs to be enrolled to latest by Friday at 2:00 PM and for competitions played on Sundays prior to 2:00 PM on Saturdays unless other is mentioned in the invitation
  • for late enrolments a 5 € fee is collected
  • for withdrawal without a valid reason after the starting list draw has been executed, half of the competition fee is collected (valid reasons are for example illness or family reasons)
  • failing to turn up to a competition without notifying the organisers will lead to a full collection of the competition fee

Series in competitions

  • serie I: 0 – 15,9
  • serie II: 16,0 – 36,0


  • Only players with a valid WHS-hcp will be rewarded in competitions

Club championships


  • Men 54 holes scratch (18+18+18), white tee
  • Women 36 holes scratch (18+18), red tee
  • Senior men scratch 36 holes (18+18) 50+ years and 60+ years, yellow tee. Senior men 70+ years, red tee
  • Senior women scratch 18 holes (18), red tee

All series are played regardless of the number of participants.


Sign up for the matchplay latest on the 6th of June. The enrolled are drawn into a chart. The draw is officially executed in the club at a time separately announced. The matches needs to be played by the deadline mentioned in the chart. The player with the lower handicap is responsible for contacting his opponent in order to set up the match.

  • Women and men play in separate series
  • The matches are played at Botnia Golf, 18 holes
  • Participation fee 10€/player

Club matches

The captains name the team, but if a player is available for the match, he can sign up for it in the competition calendar.

BG – VAG15.07.2022Kauhajoki
BG – EPG29.07.2022Kauhajoki
PKG – BGPoltinkoski
BG – KGS26.07.2022Kauhajoki