Bookings for members can be done online through NexGolf

As a member, by clicking the link below you’ll get into the booking system maintained by NexGolf and at the same time you can maintain your handicap, addresses, check out your scoring history and sign up for competitions.

Booking and member information (NexGolf)

In order to sign in you’ll need your membership number and password. The standard password is six digits long and formed by taking the first two letters in your given name, the first two letters in your surname and the first two digits from your birth date.

As an example: Matti Meikäläinen is born on November 3rd 1964. Matti’s default password would be “MaMe03”. Remember to capitalize the letters.

We naturally advice that you change your password after the first login. If you would happen to forget your password or if you have other issues with logging in, please contact the office at Botnia Golf at 06 232 4663 or through email botniagolf(at)

Bookings for guest players

Guest players can reserve times by calling Botnia Golf at 06 232 4663 or through Golfpiste’s TeeTime. As you use TeeTime to book, make sure that you complete the payment at the end of the reservation. You can either pay by credit card or by using your banking credentials as per instructed on TeeTime. Note that if you do a booking through TeeTime, but fail to pay, the booking will be cancelled after 15 minutes and thus available for others.

Welcome to try out Botnia Golf’s course and to enjoy the ostrobothnian atmosphere!